Coming Soon: DuckTales Issue #5

DuckTales - Issue 5 - Cover A

Starting of the new year strong! Januari will see the release of DuckTales Issue #5. Two new stories featuring Scrooge, Donald, the nephews and Launchpad. Synopsis DuckTales Issue #5 Uncle Scrooge seeks a fountain of youth, but when he discovers it isn’t quite what he bargained for, it’s up to Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie … Read more

Coming Soon: DuckTales Issue #4

DuckTales - Issue 4 - Cover A

Right in time for Christmas, we will see the release of DuckTales Issue #4. This time we continue with stories featuring the nephews and pick up where the TV show started with. Issue #4 will feature two stories. In story one Scrooge and company find themselves stuck in Happy, Happy Valley, where everyone is a little … Read more

Coming Soon: DuckTales Issue #3

DuckTales - Issue 3 - Cover A - Prepublication

End of November DuckTales Issue #3 will be released. Two new stories featuring Scrooge, Donald and Della (who is still hidden on the pre-publication covers). Story one will be about the Ghost of Nostradogmus and the story two will be about the Terrifying Secret of the Pumpkin People. DuckTales Issue #3 Covers Also this time … Read more

New Release: DuckTales issue #2

DuckTales - Issue 2 - Cover A

Directly after Halloween DuckTales Issue #2 was released. The comics in this issue take place before the new DuckTales series we feels weird, but it is a great way to be introduced to a new character. We are treated on two adventures with flashback of Scrooge McDuck, Donald and his twin sister Della Duck! DuckTales … Read more

Happy Halloween – “Trick or Treat!”

Halloween CS DD 26

It is Halloween! And what other comic can you better read during this spooky holiday than 1952’s “Trick or Treat”. This story was first published in Donald Duck #26 which appeared in November 1952. As I don’t have that issue, I had to settle with Fantagraphics Volume: Donald Duck “Trick or Treat” by Carl Barks … Read more

First Look:Trailer new DuckTales

DuckTales - Trailer

We knew it was coming, but here it finally is: A First Look at the new DuckTales. While the style is completely new, it does feel familiar. While watching the trailer, we get a first look at Scrooge’s Money Bin and Duckburg. And we should also not forget that Donald will have a lead role … Read more