Carl Barks stories to read for Halloween

Carl Barks wrote and drew many stories, which also covered the various festive holidays there are in a year. Below, you will find a list of Halloween-themed stories Barks wrote. Carl Barks Halloween Stories Trick or Treat Maybe the most well-known and beloved Halloween Duck story, Trick or Treat. In this comic, we meet Witch … Read more

Barks Remarks Podcast

A while ago I discovered Barks Remarks. A podcast in which Mark Severino reviews the Duck stories drawn and written by Carl Barks. Severino follows the stories in chronological order. With his guest hosts, Severino discussed the stories, their cultural background, and how they hold up today. You can follow Barks Remarks also on Facebook. … Read more

Happy Halloween

It is Halloween, and the best way to celebrate Halloween is to share this amazing cover art: This great cover shows Donald who apparently just made some pie being mad at his nephews who are sneaking a piece of the pie. The pieces that have been cut from the pie show the face of a … Read more

Coming Soon: DuckTales Issue #4

DuckTales - Issue 4 - Cover A

Right in time for Christmas, we will see the release of DuckTales Issue #4. This time we continue with stories featuring the nephews and pick up where the TV show started with. Issue #4 will feature two stories. In story one Scrooge and company find themselves stuck in Happy, Happy Valley, where everyone is a little … Read more

New Release: DuckTales issue #2

DuckTales - Issue 2 - Cover A

Directly after Halloween DuckTales Issue #2 was released. The comics in this issue take place before the new DuckTales series we feels weird, but it is a great way to be introduced to a new character. We are treated on two adventures with flashback of Scrooge McDuck, Donald and his twin sister Della Duck! DuckTales … Read more