My Wishlist

There are a few comics (books) that I still would like to add to my collection; below is an overview of those.


1932-1935: Starring Bucky Bug and Donald Duck (1)

1935 - 1939: Starring Donald Duck and the Big Bad Wolf (2)

1943-1945 (2)

Uncle Scrooge's Money Rocket (2)

Donald Duck: "Mystery of the Swamp" (3)

Donald Duck: "Maharajah Donald" (4)

The Treasure of the Ten Avatars (7)

Escape From Forbidden Valley (8)

Donald Duck: Scandal on the Epoch Express (10)

Donald Duck: The Forgetful Hero (12)

Donald Duck: Follow the Fearless Leader (14)

Donald Duck: Jumpin' Jupiter (16)

Donald Duck: 20,000 Leaks Under the Sea (20)

Uncle Scrooge: Operation Galleon Grab (22)