The Carl Barks Library (Fantagraphics)

Books in personal collection

Donald Duck: "Maharajah Donald" (4)

Christmas on Bear Mountain (5)

The Old Castle's Secret (6)

Lost in the Andes (7)

Trail of the Unicorn (8)

The Pixilated Parrot (9)

Terror of the Beagle Boys (10)

A Christmas For Shacktown (11)

Only a Poor Old Man (12)

Trick or Treat (13)

The Seven Cities of Gold (14)

The Ghost Sheriff of Last Gasp (15)

The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan (16)

Secret of Hondorica (17)

The Lost Peg Leg Mine (18)

The Black Pearls of Tabu Yama (19)

The Mines of King Solomon (20)

Christmas in Duckburg (21)

Uncle Scrooge: The Twenty-Four Carat Moon (22)

Under the Polar Ice (23)

Island in the Sky (24)

Balloonatics (25)

The Golden Nugget Boat (26)

Duck Luck (27)

Cave of Ali Baba (28)

Books on wishlist

Donald Duck: "Mystery of the Swamp" (3)