Happy Halloween – “Trick or Treat!”

Also available in Dutch

It is Halloween! And what other comic can you better read during this spooky holiday than 1952’s “Trick or Treat”. This story was first published in Donald Duck #26 which appeared in November 1952. As I don’t have that issue, I had to settle with Fantagraphics Volume: Donald Duck “Trick or Treat” by Carl Barks which in my opinion is a perfect substitute.

Halloween – The night when witches fly! Look! There goes one now!

Halloween CS DD 26


Huey, Dewey and Louie are out “Trick or Treat”-ing when they ring Donald’s doorbell. Donald is not having any of this and plays a trick on them. Good for the nephews there is a witch on the loose who has something to proof.

More Information

  • InDucks: link
  • Story Code: CS DD 26
  • Date of first publication: November, 1952 (Donald Duck #26)
  • Date the story was created: March 31, 1952